One On One Ads, a leading edge technology company, develops Web based solutions (Platforms) for video publishing and cross media campaigns.
Today’s markets require that publishers and commercial sites expand their lines of advertising services with dynamic video and campaign solutions that generate a call to action. They allow advertisers to further engage and connect with customers.
Our Platforms for video production and publishing can be used by any size company. We allow for automated video production through our Video Production Platform that consists of several different methods of video production, specifically:
* Video production through user interface
* Video production using feed input that serves companies with high inventory volume
* Web scraping for news updates
Our solutions are designed to completely eliminate the need for professional expertise and to empower any end-user to generate professional quality HD video commercials and campaigns in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.
In order to reach the goal of creating applications that are highly beneficial for the publishers and their advertisers, we focus on providing our publishers with the best functions that cater to their advertisers and their end users’ needs. We make it easy for our publishers to implement our Platforms, making the service available for their clients in a very short time.
Our technology opens up new advertising and revenue channels for the publishers, while businesses are benefiting from affordable video advertising and cross media campaign options.
Please reach out to us so we can further discuss our solutions with you.

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